Monophase Thick Clear Uv Gel System


The best product to stretch the free margin, and execute refill and covers.



Monophase Thick Clear Picky Nails line is a universal gel, easy to handle and apply with a brush.

Monophasic Transparent Clear Thick line Picky Nails is an easy high-density uv gel product easy to spread and shape on the nail.

It can be used both for the sculptural elongation and as a base and a cover, ensuring extreme durability to your nail reconstruction.

This type of uv gel is suitable for a lot more complicated in salon work. Its ease of use makes it usable by both professional nail technicians that by beginners.

The Monophase Thick Clear color is completely transparent. Its particular formula allows him to not develop too much heat during the polymerization.

Great for reconstructions with standard nail-forms, throttle nail-forms, fly nail-forms and stiletto nail-forms.

Thick Clear Monophase can also be used for recostruction with tip making sure to create the perfect camber.

Prepare the nail with file 180, push the cuticles and remove the dust that is created.
Apply Nail Prep to dehydrate the nail plate.
Apply primer gently and wait for it to dry.
Spread a thin layer of Monophase Thick Clear Uv Gel and polymerize.
Without removing the dispersion roll out Monophase Thick Clear Uv Gel indicating a slight curvature.
With Monophase Thick Clear Uv Gel is also possible to carry bulky stretching.

Monophase Thick Clear line Picky Nails is a very high professional quality product, used in the halls of nail artists from all over Europe.

Cure in UV lamp: 120/180 seconds
Cans uv gel: 15 ml plastic
Product density: High

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Monophase Thick Clear Uv Gel System

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