Uv Gel Monophase

Uv Gel Monophase

Uv/Led Gel Monophase: Products for every need 

Uv Gel Monophase Picky Nails is a brilliant and bright monophase uv gel that due to its chemical composition "acid free" does not develop any kind of heat.
Gel uv monophase the Picky Nails line is a medium-low viscosity transparent product, perfect for roofs, and refill.
Our nail artists recommend to prepare the nail with "Nail Prep" and "Primer" of Picky Nails line before applying gel uv monophase.
The application of this product is very simple because gel uv monophase is self-leveling and does not drip out from the nail.
For maximum brightness we recommend to wait a few seconds after curing.
Only at the end degreasing using a Cleaner Pick Nails line.

Method of use recommended by Picky Nails

- discolour the nail with one of our files which can be found under "Nail Accessories"

- dehydrated the nail using nail prep Picky Nails
- apply primer Picky Nails and wait until it dries completely.
- apply a very thin layer of gel uv monophasic and polymerized in UV / 120 - 180 seconds
- apply one of uv gel color line Picky Nails or UV gel french and polymerized.
- apply a final layer of gel uv monophasic making sure to seal the entire nail and uv polymerized.

Features Gel UV Monophase

Picky Nails offers its customers a wide selection of monophasic uv gel. We are sure these are the right products for your needs. Picky Nails monophasic UV GEL is an excellent gel for all stages of the reconstruction (base, cover and finish).

All our products are MADE IN EUROPE. We propose different monophasic UV GEL color (natural, transparent, white, pink, purple) with UV protection. In addition, two different formats available for every need: 15ml / 50ml

Picky Nails monophasic UV GEL are medium density gel. They are long lasting and vivid, which makes them versatile and suitable for beginners and experts both. Our monophasic gels are made by the highest professional quality. They are easy to work and to model, and are self-leveling. The Picky Nails monophasic UV GEL are suitable for covers, both the refill. Also excellent for extreme nail art as stretching with maps. Propose uv gel transparent and rose monophasic carefully selected among the best in Europe to give the nail a rebuilt natural. Our uv monophasic gel polymerize both UV lamp in CCFL.

The real strength of the Picky Nails monophasic UV GEL line is that they are ALL ACID FREE. This allows a more delicate reconstruction nail avoiding that our customers can irritate during the nail reconstruction.

The best gel uv monophasic Picky Nails is definitely the Stone Gel Fiberglass. Great for professionals and for the reconstruction extreme as the extensions with nail forms.

All gels uv monophasic Picky Nails are selected after careful study of our nail artist. They are manufactured with the best known ingredients, certified and guaranteed by the production Made in Europe.

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