One Stroke Nail Brush Oblique Edge 8

One Stroke Nail Brush Oblique Edge 8

Perfect brush to draw very fine and net lines. 

It can also be used to make decorations in "micropittura" or one stroke.

Oblique bristles give you a chance to make more soft and light movements while creating your nail art.

Ideal to create nail art delicate and floral motifs.

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Maintenance and care of brushes Picky Nails

The care and maintenance of brushes for nail art is very important to prevent changes in a short time.

So you have to remember to clean them after each use:


Acrylic colors:

In this case the washing is very simple. When you have finished your nailart remember to wash them thoroughly under running water using a mild soap and rinse it bunched bristles. Dry them and pass them on a piece of Marseille soap dry pears create a protective layer on the bristles of your brushes.


Uv Gel color:

In this case you'll want to clean your brushes as you would when you delete the remaining gel.

Use one of the "Cleaner" of Picky Nails line to leave the bristles perfectly clean.

Use a container to soak brushes for a few minutes and then clean the bristles with a cotton pad.

Finally wash your brushes with mild soap to remove all traces of solvent.


Conventional glazes:

Again we recommend you clean the brushes with a "Cleaner" of Picky Nails line and rinse vigorously to remove all traces of color or solvent.

One Stroke Nail Brush Oblique Edge 8

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