Terms & Conditions

You call "CUSTOMER" the person who buy on the website www.pickynails.com.
Antar Diffusion LTD may decide or waive an order evasion, in situations that may seem dubious, such as: lack of address, incomplete master data etc.
Antar Diffusion LTD reserves the right to modify or introduce changes in the sales regulations, these changes are valid at the time of publication in the online store.
Antar Diffusion LTD may exercise the right to change, modify or withdraw a product, price, without giving reasons.
All purchases, conclude with acceptance by the customer and subsequent payment of the purchased goods. Within the online store, the buyer is able to print in detail all the details of his order.
Some of the products on the website may be subject to minimum purchases for buyers-dealers with VAT. For retailers having minimal purchases, shipping costs may be subject to change.
For foreign shipping the cost must be agreed with Antar Diffusion LTD.
All prices within the store are expressed in euro, they include VAT on request and can be billed by selecting the item on the order form.
Antar Diffusion LTD will not be held liable to the retailer or Buyer for a malfunction or disruption caused by the use of the Internet.
Antar Diffusion LTD disclaims any responsibility for any misuse and fraudulent use of the means of payment by Buyer or third parties when paying for the products purchased on the website.
All products or accessories on sale in the PICKYNAILS store have a 24-month warranty (12 months for billing to resellers-professionals) as per law.
All customer-retailers that by adding one or more products to the cart, and after accepting the purchase confirmation, means that they accept the general sales conditions offered by store pickynails.
At www.pickynails.com you can buy 24 hours a day, so every day of the year.
All orders have an email confirmation, so a confirmed order can not be canceled.
For any missing or out of production of a cosmetic / accessory product, Antar Diffusion LTD
Be careful to alert you to the customer, agreeing on delivery times, or replacement of an accessory product of the same value.
All orders sent by the customer can be charged with BANK PAYMENT, PAYPAL, CREDIT CARDS and DOWNLOAD for other types of payment and can contact customer service.
Orders are delivered to the courier within 3 working days after the payment has been made.
When placing an order, it is important for the customer to check the received parcel:
It must be intact and not tampered with. If the parcel is uncompleted or tampered with, please accept the merchandise with reservation, posting it on the special notice by cutting out that the express courier must be delivered to the customer as proof of delivery.
Antar Diffusion LTD is teh owner of the PICKYNAILS brand, all products with the aforementioned logo are for professional use only, the manufacturer is not responsible for the use of these products to persons who are not authorized to use professional cosmetics .