Uv gel Builder

Uv gel Builder

Uv Gel Builder: perfectly rebuild your nails

Uv Gel Builder Picky Nails is a high viscosity trasparent gel uv perfect for stretching and sculptures. Also great for making refill or covers.

Due to its chemical composition "acid free" gel uv builder Picky Nails does not develop any kind of  heat.

Uv gel builder ca be also be used like monophasic if you prepare before the nail with nail prep o pimer Picky Nails line.

It should definitely emphasized that uv gel builder is perfect to create extreme elongation of nails. It is available in 4 colors (natural, pink, dark and transparent). This makes possible to use uv gel builder on all types of complexion. The special composition of the uv gel builder Picky Nails, make it easy to apply: remain stable after application due to their creamy consistency. Uv gel builder is so great to be used by professional nail technicians and even by the passionate. Uv gel builder Picky Nails is ideal for technical reconstructions with "wall" "french interlocking". The peculiarity of uv gel builder Picky Nails is that you can work quickly. You can rebuild your nails with nail form or tip realizing 4 nails in a unique time. And advisable to use a paintbrush to paint pyramid better uv gel builder Picky Nails.

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