Uv Gel Red Passion Set

Uv Gel Red Passion Set Picky Nails: maximum performance with minimum energy.

Uv Gel Red Passion Set Picky Nails is a selection of our best 6 shades of red. Our uv gel color are miscible and compatible with all types of uv gel. Bright colors, durable and flexible. They have an average number, and this minimizes the margins of error during rebuild allowing the product to be laid out in a simple manner. Uv gel pure color Picky Nail's characteristics have been studied by best European producers in such a way as to simplify the reconstruction of the nails avoiding that the gel accidentally strain by nail edges or on the cuticles.
Our uv gel pure color need to be cured in uv lamp for 120/180 seconds, are totally "acid free" and are all manufactured in Europe.

UV  - 120 seconds
Jars Uv Gel Color: 5 ml
Product density: Medium

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Tutorial Method UV Gel Picky Nails step by step guide:

-Prepare The natural nail pushing the cuticles using one of Picky Nails accessories
-Using One of our files dulled the nail to give her a better porosity
-Remove Away the dust that is created using a dry brush
-If You want to lengthen the nail applied one of our nail form 
-Use The Nail Prep on a cotton towel and clean well the nail surface
-Apply Nail a layer of uv gel monophasic or builder
-Apply One or two layers of uv gel of the desired color
-Cure In UV lamp for 120/180/2
-Apply A layer of gel uv finish being careful to seal all of the nail parts
-Degrease using cleaner line Picky nails


Uv Gel Red Passion Set

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